In our recent webinar with Daniel Quick, Head of Customer Education at work management platform, Asana, we explored how you and your team can add a dash of whimsy and delight into your training and user experience. Leveraging his background as a video game designer, Daniel shared why and how he is committed to making learning engaging and fun for Asana’s customers. As he explained, “If all of us were more intentional about crafting delight in our Customer Education programs, we might make learning more whimsical, more dynamic, and more fun.” 

Grounded in Tania Luna’s book, Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected, Daniel explained the science behind how we react to surprises and accordingly, why surprises are a valuable element of the learning experience. That said, it’s always important to be cognizant that you are crafting a good, positive surprise. To ensure our surprises don’t have the opposite effect, Daniel shared the following checklist to review prior to implementing any new, delightful elements:

Delight Checklist

While building delightful Customer Education experiences is no easy feat, Daniel further provided his “Delight Toolbox,” a list of 12 different techniques you can use to craft engaging, creative, and surprising content. Among the techniques Daniel discussed: 

  1. Underpromise, Overdeliver, 
  2. Personalization, 
  3. Co-Creation, and
  4. Bury a Cookie 

To learn what else is in Daniel’s Delight Toolbox and how your company can integrate hints of whimsy in your training program, view Daniel’s webinar on-demand now!