In our recent webinar with classroom learning technology company, Clever, Product Marketing Manager, Natasha Husein, discussed why branding and marketing is an important component of Customer Education.

Clever has a highly distributed customer base made up of educators, who work out of schools and classrooms across the country. When teachers use Clever in the classroom, they can spend more time teaching with the best tools technology can offer and less time configuring that technology.

The Story of Clever Academy

Clever struggled to provide this diverse audience of educators with consistent training experiences to ensure that they could find and use the features they need. The solution? Clever Academy, a centralized, product-focused customer training platform with on-demand, online courses that would be used to both train educators at scale, and also motivate them to become Clever Champions.

Natasha and her team realized early on that Clever Academy would only be successful if their target audiences – district administrators, teachers, and technology coaches – found value in their courses.

As a marketer, Natasha relayed her belief that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build trust and show the value of your program. As she further explained, branding is a great way to do that because it demonstrates how much care and thought your company has put into the overall customer experience. And this experience extends to your Customer Education program.

Branding Your Customer Education Program

In addition to a unique logo, Clever worked with a designer to create a consistent visual identity for Clever Academy, including a distinct color palette, illustrations, a matching website, swag, and more. And while the look-and-feel of Clever Academy was important, Natasha and her team wanted to take things a step further and inspire educators to head back to school and enroll in Clever Academy to become certified Clever Champions.

By encouraging educators to become ed-tech leaders, Clever created a comprehensive certification strategy, including badges, certificates, and at the highest level, the ability to share their credentials on LinkedIn.

While easy to overlook, branding and marketing are critical components of your Customer Education program. We hope this webinar provided you with ideas to help frame your thinking and execute on these elements.

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