We’ve improved our Analytics pages by making them faster and adding more information, see below!

With our latest update, you may notice that your Analytics pages are loading faster than before. One area you may especially notice this change is on the Enrollments List which shows every course registration, per user, per domain. Additionally, you can now see:

  • A student’s assigned Group on their student profile page. To see this, go to Analytics -> Students -> Search and select the student. On their profile page you will see all course registrations, sign-up fields, and (now) any groups to which they’re assigned.

    • Before you’d have to manually search a student’s name in the Groups feature, now you can simply select the student to see all assigned Groups.
  • The Completed date for student on the Analytics -> Course page. Before, you would see the progress for students, but not the final completed date. Now you can see their progress, registration date, completed date, and date of their last activity.
    • This is especially useful if you add a new lesson to a published course, as adding a new lesson will change the progress for a student who has completed the course to less than 100%. Without a Completed date, there was no way to confirm if the user had already completed the course.

    • Now, you can rely on the Completed date to confirm if the student did complete the course, even if their progress is less than 100%.
    • If you want their progress to be 100%, they will need to go into the course and take the new lesson you’ve added. Adding a new lesson to a live course does not impact a user’s completion date, and does not remove a certificate if one was granted at course completion.