It’s here! The new Skilljar Academy is now available for Skilljar customers and the Customer Education community. We’ve got new courses, a great learning experience and a brand new Catalog full of resources to help you up your Customer Education game. 

Skilljar Academy_Home

The Skillet

We’ve been cooking up lots of resources for the Customer Education Industry, and we’re putting them all in The Skillet, the premier destination for Customer Education know how. Named after Skilljar’s Annual Awards, the Golden Skillets, The Skillet has tons of courses, webinars, ebooks and more, all designed to help you learn from the best in the field. We’ll be adding new courses all the time so check back in regularly for the latest and greatest.

The Skillet

Skilljar Onboarding and Implementation

Our onboarding and implementation courses help you get up to speed with Skilljar, so you can launch your training portal and share it with the world. We’ve added a new course designed to help you prepare for implementation and build your Customer Education strategy.

Skilljar Academy Onboarding & Implementation

Advanced Product Training

Skilljar product training doesn’t stop at onboarding. We’ve got a whole collection of QuickTips, advanced training courses and feature-specific tutorials. These courses will help you master Skilljar, and answer any questions on the fly. Feeling confident? Hop into our Certification Exam to get Skilljar certified! 

New Design

The Academy has a fresh look and is organized to help you find something that interests you. Dig into the different Catalogs to find something new to learn. 

What are you waiting for? Hop over to Skilljar Academy and start learning now!