We have a very exciting new Students feature where you can now: edit a user’s course progress, course enrollment, lesson progress, and even generate a certificate for them!

We love launching new user management functionality on Skilljar, and now it’s easier than ever to help your students by manually updating their course or lesson progress and enrollments, all with a few simple clicks!

To get started, navigate to our new Students feature on the dashboard – you can find this on the Home page or in the left navigation pane, under Analytics. From there, you can select one of your registered users/students and arrive on their Student profile page (similar layout to the Analytics student profile page).


Select the course you want to edit and on the next page, select the “Edit” button to open all the editable fields.



From here, you can now:

  • Mark lesson progress as Complete or Incomplete (Learn more)
  • Mark quiz or SCORM lessons “Passed/Failed” (Learn more)
  • Mark course progress to Complete or Incomplete (Learn more)
  • Generate a certificate on behalf of a student (Learn more)
  • Revoke or Expire the student’s course enrollment (Learn more)

With this new feature, you have more freedom and control than ever over your user’s progress in your training courses. Ready to get started? Click below!