It’s April 1st and we’re excited to launch some new features that are very much in-demand. Read on for the complete list!

lego-magic-eva-perisPhoto by Eva Peris / CC BY


  • Auto-Content Creator: Input the subject you’d like to create training for, and how long the course should be, and the videos, worksheets, and quizzes will be generated on your behalf – ready in less than five minutes.
  • Real-time Data Sync with All Your Systems: We integrate with all your existing systems off-the-shelf, whether that’s your employee job profiles, Salesforce contact records, or a custom-built proprietary application. No need for technical scoping or integrations, no developer required. Even better, the data is real-time and instantly appears where you want it.
  • Offline Mode for Online Training: Don’t have Internet but still want a cloud-based solution? Not a problem! We deliver online training perfectly even if your target audience doesn’t have access to the Internet.
  • Become a Millionaire: If you’re selling courses but don’t know how to market it, we have the solution for you. Your course will be distributed across our network and people will buy it, guaranteed.
  • Instant Customization: Have requirements specific to your organization that our platform doesn’t support yet? Just close your eyes and click your heels.

We hope you enjoy these new features for April 1st. Have ideas for more? Leave a comment below!