Skilljar Plans

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve officially launched our newest feature, Plans, for all Skilljar customers. Plans are designed to give you the ultimate flexibility when pricing and packaging your training. With Plans, you can decide exactly which courses are bundled and sold together and you can add to these over time to perfect your monetization strategy. 

By offering customized combinations of free and paid Plans across your domain, as well as the opportunity to add special offers, Plans gives you the power to create a public catalog that can be unlocked in a myriad of ways.  

Why Plans?

When we launched Catalog Pages back in June 2020, we introduced the ability to offer a curated, multi-page training catalog that groups different types of learning objects together and then nests pages for easy content discovery. With this customized foundation, Plans adds the ability to “unlock” specific content or enable users to purchase content in bulk across your catalog.

In conjunction with Skilljar’s Group Visibility feature set, Plans also lets you hide major portions of your catalog which can later be surfaced to learners when they gain access to a Plan. With Plans, you also gain the ability to provide special Skilljar pricing to different groups of learners or customers, helping to drive upgrades and expansions. Skilljar Plans

Skilljar Plans

How do Plans Work? 

Each Plan consists of a specific bundle of courses and/or Learning Paths which can be located anywhere in your catalog. When a Plan is purchased, learners receive immediate access to the customer training included. Plans can be changed at any time by adding or removing items to modify the offering. The Plans can also be set to expire within a certain number of days of registration to help drive recurring revenue opportunities.    

Once the Plan is live, admins can assign anyone who accesses the Plan to a specific group and provide them with special offers or modify course visibility for that group.

To learn more and experience Skilljar Plans for yourself, check out our Getting Started course and our virtual Plans Walkthrough on Skilljar Academy. 

Interested in learning more about Skilljar and the Plans functionality? Drop us a line to see it in action!