Skilljar’s Group functionality has been a core component of the Skilljar experience for many years and today, we’re excited to announce a major enhancement that will improve the way students are automatically assigned to Groups. 

Groups are a collection of students that can be defined manually, or through automatic rule sets in Skilljar. If you have multiple Groups, you can provide customized content experiences for each of them.  When you publish any Course or Course Series, you dictate which Groups can see and access them. Groups also allow you to segment your training data, and you can instantly see analytics for each Group you create. Additionally, you can choose to assign Analytics Manager Permissions to different Groups, which grants access to data for those Groups alone. 

Now, our new Enhanced Group Automation enables an increased level of granularity when setting up the rules that determine Group eligibility. Students can be automatically added to Groups based on their responses to multiple registration sign-up fields or single-sign-on parameters.

For example, let’s say you have three types of users for your product:  Admins, Editors, and Viewers. Perhaps you also have two different packages that you sell: Package Alpha and Package Bravo. Maybe you also have four different core territories: North, South, East, and West. Now, with the Enhanced Group Automation feature, you can specify that an Admin who uses Package Alpha in the eastern territory should be automatically funneled into a specific Group, based on those identity parameters. 

Sophisticated Customer Education programs have a high volume of students and content. We’ve always provided ways to surface the right content to different audiences, but now, our customers can accomplish this in a more scalable and self-service way that accommodates the constant flow of new learners into their training portals. Learn more about how student group assignment just got a whole lot better here! 

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