We are very excited to announce our built-in quizzing feature is now available! Let’s look at how instructors and students both benefit from quizzing, and how Skilljar’s new quizzing feature works.

Why is quizzing important?

Assessment is a crucial part of the learning experience. Learning in its most simple form can be broken into three steps:

  1. Content
  2. Assessment
  3. Feedback

The content, and its delivery, can be offered in many different formats (for example: prerecorded video, live webinar, or in-person lecture). After the transfer of information, an important next step in the learning process is to assess what students have learned. By quizzing students, instructors can determine what information was successfully learned, and what areas need improvement.

Additionally, assessment enables students to get feedback on their performance. As students engage in the experience, they gain insight into their own learning.

Create robust quizzes

In just a few easy steps, an instructor can create quizzes in their dashboard. Utilize different questions types, like multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank. With the easy text editor, you can format your questions, include hyperlinks, and even upload images to achieve an engaging format.


Deliver quizzes seamlessly

The quizzing feature includes automatic grading, so students receive real-time feedback on what they’ve learned.


Analyze responses

Review analytics by quiz and by students for insight into what your students have learned. This enables you to provide feedback to individual students. Additionally, a key advantage to tracking quiz data is for instructors to identify any trends that could lead towards a change to either their content or their teaching process.

You asked for quizzing, and here it is. We love hearing from you – if you have any feedback about the new feature, or what you’d like to see next, leave us a comment.