We are so excited to announce our newest feature! Now you can customize your course catalog so that courses are only visible to certain students or groups of students. This newest feature enables you to choose what level of visibility each of your courses should have. Let’s look at the details!


Catalog Visibility

Your course catalog is made of all your published, or “launched” courses. There are now 3 levels of visibility you can define on a course-by-course basis.

  • Visible to all users on the catalog page – This level allows any user who access your catalog to register for your course. Many companies use this level of access for courses that they would like to encourage all potential trainees to register for. 
  • Not visible on the catalog page – This level removes the course from your catalog. Users are only able to access the course when they have the direct link to the course. This level of access is used when a company has a course which they prefer to make invitation-only, and will send the direct course link to users to invite them to register. To set this, you can simply deselect the “Visible to all users on the catalog page” option.
  • Visible to select student groups only – With this level of visibility, a course will only display to a student if they are part of a specific trainee group. For example, a company training their customers on how to use their software product may train several different groups of users, like Sales users, Marketing users, and Account Managers. If training for Marketing is only relevant to the marketing team, this level of visiblity enables you to display a course to that group only.

The different levels of catalog visibility provide you with added flexibiliy. As always, let us know your feedback! We’d love to hear from you.