One of our core values at Skilljar is a commitment to “Customer Focus.” We take this responsibility seriously and as a member of our Customer Success Team, I know firsthand how dedicated we are to your success. From your initial onboarding session through the post-launch phase, our team will partner with you to ensure you meet your business goals. This is a commitment we make to our customers every day, but what does that actually look like behind the scenes? Here’s a glimpse into what a day might look like as a member of our team.

CS Team

The Customer Success Team is structured around providing customers with a strong plan to launch their Customer Education program and then provide ongoing product and strategy support post-launch. When a customer first signs up, we set up an internal meeting with you, your Customer Education team, our Account Executive and our Implementation Manager. The primary goal of this meeting is to ensure we are aligned on your overall program goals and to provide insight into the implementation process. Isn’t it annoying when you sign up for a new product and the first person you talk to has no idea what your objectives are? Our focus is to avoid that situation as much as possible. We specifically tailor our implementation strategy to align with your larger training program goals.

As customers progress through implementation, they have access to our own training site, Skilljar Academy, where they can leverage our on-demand onboarding series to learn the platform basics. By enabling customers to learn on their own, they are then able to make the most of their time with their Implementation Manager on regularly scheduled calls to focus on specific program strategy rather than general product knowledge. Of course, we’re always happy to demo or walkthrough functionality at any time during scheduled calls.

The Customer Success Team partners closely with our Product Support Team to answer customer questions. The whole team works behind the scenes together on more complex questions we receive. In fact, the Support Team used to comprise of Customer Success Managers who would round-robin answer incoming tickets. In August 2018, we hired our first dedicated Product Support Specialist and our team continues to expand!

The Customer Success Team has grown significantly this past year, sub-dividing into four overarching roles: Implementation, Customer Success, Services and Support Engineers, and Product Support. This growth is a feat all on its own, but what stands out even more to me is our commitment to creating sustainable processes. By writing standard operating procedures (SOPs), collaborating on common customer questions, using Slack to ask for help on trickier requests, or continuing to step in to help with support tickets, we thrive on working together to get it done! Each person on the team contributes something unique and special that we recognize and celebrate (Mike is the hyper-organized one, while Hannah is incredibly thorough).

We are a committed bunch and we leave ego at the door. While balancing the more mental tasks, we like to laugh and get silly now and again.