Customer success, training, and education teams are frequently challenged on how to measure the ROI of their activities. It’s not as simple as measuring new revenue for sales, or number of tickets and resolution time for support. Customer training is highly cross-functional and pays dividends over a longer period of time, with improved product usage, customer value, and ultimately renewals and revenue.

Whether you’re an experienced trainer, a customer success executive, or an innovative content marketer – this eBook is for you. You’ll find helpful information on how to define, implement, and measure the success and ROI of your customer training program. These metrics are vital to ensuring customer success, as well as demonstrating the business case for training to your stakeholders. 


In today’s world, customer training is used along the entire customer lifecycle – from prospect stage to onboarding and long-term success. For each stage, we’ll explain how customer training can be applied to each step of your customer journey and how to successfully measure the results.

Download the guide to learn: 

  1. Which metrics are important in determining the ROI of training
  2. Different methods of calculating costs (fixed vs. variable)
  3. How to measure ROI at each stage of the customer lifecycle

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