If you’ve been following Skilljar’s Product updates, you know we’ve recently enhanced some of our features like Groups and Learning Paths to help our customers tailor their training to specific audiences. Here, we share how Paycor uses these Skilljar features so that others can learn best practices for enhancing their platforms and driving business growth.

Since implementing Skilljar, we’ve been able to realize a more scalable model of training. Skilljar helped us reach exponentially more customers, ultimately impacting overall revenue retention.–Ashley Kaster

Paycor’s training growth story

Prior to Skilljar, Paycor was delivering training live, onsite, at Paycor headquarters or traveling to meet directly with customers. From both a spend and capacity standpoint, this model of learning was not scalable or sustainable. With their high-growth goals, and the desire to create a more expansive model, they needed a learning platform to host their training content.

Paycor moved to a virtual-first training model with the launch of Paycor Training Hub, powered by Skilljar, in early 2020. The platform has since grown to include eLearnings, recorded webinars, and video tutorials, in addition to live and on-demand VILT training. Skilljar integrations help internal teams better serve customers, and create a strong community, both of which serve to drive business growth.

Since implementing Skilljar, Paycor has eliminated manual processes to create a more scalable model of training. With Skilljar, Paycor was able to significantly scale their training opportunities. They also use certifications to drive customer retention as they have found that certified customers retain at a higher rate than non-certified.

Paycor training growth, 3-year comparison

Paycor benefited from two of Skilljar’s recent product enhancements – Groups and Learning Paths – to tailor training to different audiences.

How Paycor uses Groups to create community

What are Groups in Skilljar?

The Groups feature allows Skilljar customers to create different buckets for learners based on a shared characteristic (such as their company) to tailor training content to specific audiences and track progress data. Customers can assign one or multiple students to a group, then filter analytics for that group only. Students can also belong to multiple groups.

Using Groups to leverage certified “superusers”

Paycor Certifications Homepage

Paycor Certifications Homepage


Certifications are a key part of Paycor’s growth strategy. They use the Skilljar Groups feature to identify “Certified Paycor Pros” as they earn certification status, and provide them with access to their superuser community.

A trained client is a retained client and a certified client retains at a higher rate than our standard client.–Ashley Kaster

Paycor wants to create these “super advocates” because they then become part of their certified community. Using the Groups feature in Skilljar, Paycor can easily target specific promotions to certified users and create a community to build awareness for their products.

Through an integration with Influitive, Paycor established an Advocate Hub to provide certified users with a place to share, learn, and troubleshoot with other Paycor users. It provides a built-in user community for Paycor to tap into for ideas, feedback, and early adopter opportunities. They use the Groups feature within Skilljar to send an automatic email through Influitive inviting certified users to become a part of this exclusive community.

We could not have done our certification program without Skilljar, which gave us the opportunity to integrate our assessments and host eLearnings and self-serve learning options. It’s been a huge win for our team.–Ashley Kaster

How Paycor uses Learning Paths to guide customers to the right training

What is a Learning Path?

A Learning Path is a collection of related courses in a training catalog. Skilljar customers use this functionality to easily show users which courses are part of the same training bundle, topic, level of knowledge, and more.

There is a single register button for a Learning Path, which registers the student for that path. Once enrolled in that path, they will be registered for the individual courses incrementally as they move through the path. Selecting the course tile will trigger an automatic course registration for the student for a seamless transition through courses.

Using Learning Paths to curate training

Paycor Learning Paths by Persona

Paycor Learning Paths by Persona


Paycor takes advantage of Skilljar’s Learning Paths to curate all of their training into organized paths which helps customers know where to start to access training. Guided learning gives users a journey to self-serve courses and walk themselves through the process.

Learning Paths also help Paycor to understand where customers might get stuck and find ways to solve for what they need to complete next. So rather than leave users to select for themselves through an a la carte menu, they provide recommendations on how they can engage with course material.

Self-paced Learning Paths provide targeted training for clients. Paycor’s Service and Support team can provide use cases for Learning Paths that learners can complete on their own. This content takes advantage of deep linking capabilities to directly register clients through a link sent to them from the support team recommending the training.

Customers like Paycor rely on Skilljar to help them reach and target users in ways that were not available to them with other LMS vendors or through a homegrown system. Find out why other Skilljar customers like Asana, Gong, and LinkedIn believe that trained customers are their best customers.

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