iStock-517511066.jpg We recently released our latest eBook, “How to Market Customer Training,” where we discussed some tips and tricks for keeping your training at the top of learners’ minds. So far we’ve discussed email marketing and promoting through social and paid channels. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of creating a holistic training experience.

The idea behind a holistic training ecosystem is simple. Courses should be designed to teach a new skill and immediately provide opportunities to apply that skill within your product. This approach helps students reinforce what they’ve learned and remember it for the future. The problem is, once someone leaves your course, they might not return. 
To mitigate this risk, think about what you want users to get out of your training program. Once you have a specific goal in mind, you can use callstoaction to reinforce these healthy behaviors.
For example, it’s possible to link courses or lessons to relevant content within your existing knowledge center to provide more context. You can also use autoregistration links to get people into specific curriculum, or make sure they land on the detail page using use the course URL. 
On a similar note, inapp messaging tools like Intercom can help you guide students in the right direction. At every turn, you should encourage increased learning and education through training.