Try our new Fill in the Blank quizzing functionality to test your students’ knowledge! With Skilljar’s quiz creator, you can use Fill in the Blank and Multiple Choice questions to challenge your users and ensure they’re retaining your training content.

Using Fill in the Blank questions on your quizzes offers you insight into how your students are understanding your training content by requiring users to input their own answer to your question, rather than choosing from a list of available answers. Combining Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank questions gives you students a variety of ways to test their level of knowledge.

To get started, go to Course Management and create a Quiz lesson in your training course. Then, choose to add a question and select Fill in the blank. Input your question and the acceptable answers, and choose whether this needs to be case sensitive. You can continue adding questions, using either Fill in the Blank or Multiple Choice, and Save when done!



For your user, they’ll simply see the question and an open text box for their answer:


Ready to start quizzing your students? Click the button below to go to Course Management, and click here for step-by-step instructions on creating your own quiz!