Customer experience has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have for organizations that operate in competitive markets. Addressing prospect and customer needs in a thoughtful manner at every stage of the customer lifecycle is now a strategic necessity. Investments in a holistic training program can be a key element of the customer experience imperative, and help companies provide value at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Companies that offer training are able to help customers gain the most value from their products and services. Training helps drive better onboarding, engagement, and adoption for your products, which helps lay the foundation for a durable customer relationship. Customer lifecycle training can help you raise initial awareness with potential customers, onboard converted customers, and increase ongoing customer renewals.

In this eBook, we’ll review the training goals and strategies for three key stages of the customer lifecycle.

  1. Training for Lead Generation,
  2. Customer Onboarding, and
  3. Customer Support

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