When creating a training, you should always keep your audience in mind.

Do you want to allow any and everyone to see what you offer in your catalog? What about only those who sign up first? Or even more secure, how about only users who have an access code? We now offer three levels of access settings to choose for your domain.

You can now set the level of visibility you want for your domain, course catalog, and course detail pages by choosing Public, Login required, or Access code required as your Domain access level setting.


Which should you choose?

  • Choose Public if you want to allow anyone to see your course catalog.
  • Choose Login required if you want to limit (but not restrict) the visibility of your course catalog to only users who have signed up.
  • Choose Access code required if you want only the users who sign up and input your access code to see your course catalog.

Click here for instructions on setting your domain access and for other helpful tips.

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