Our newest feature, custom CSS, enables you to customize the visual style of your training site even more than before.

While you’ve always been able to change your logos and colors in the Theming area of the dashboard, custom CSS can be used to modify additional style elements like fonts and backgrounds.

Add your custom CSS in the Global Head Snippet area of your Theme. This is injected in the Head area of your HTML pages.


Please note that modifying your CSS is an advanced modification – we recommend you have coding knowledge or consult with your web developer before implementation. We also recommend not changing the site layout, as this might have unintended effects when Skilljar updates the course platform in general.

With the addition of custom CSS, remember you can also add Javascript tracking codes using the Global Code Snippet area of your Theme. You’ll be able to use your existing web analytics software, or any Javascript based tools.

The Javascript is injected at the bottom of your HTML pages. Alternatively, you can include in the Head area by using the Global Head Snippet, as some services recommend. Here are links to support articles for commonly used Javascript tracking services:

As always, we’d love to hear from you. What CSS and Javascript customizations do you plan to use? Share your feedback by leaving a comment below!