In the last article in our series on How to Create Great Video Content, we introduced 3 techniques on producing video content:

  1. Narrated PowerPoint
  2. Screencast
  3. Talking Head

Today, we dig into technique #1: Narrated PowerPoint.


We previously mentioned that one key benefit of this technique is the ease of production. As long as you have a good microphone, then you are set. There are numerous resources that outline the exact steps for setting up your PowerPoint presentation, and recording. This article focuses on tips for getting the best results.

  • Use a USB-style microphone for superior quality. Don’t rely on your computer’s built-in microphone
  • Make sure the “Link narration” option is unchecked. This way, the audio will be embedded in the video file (instead of creating a separate file)
  • Don’t talk during slide changes. You could lose some audio as it is saved with each individual slide
  • Leave a few seconds of silence at the end of each slide
  • Create a script that references the points on a slide, but also provides further context. This will add much more value to your video

Have you used narrated PowerPoint before? We’d love to hear what tips you’ve learned.