We’ve launched three new features to streamline the process for managing analytics groups. Our newest features enable new trainees to be automatically assigned to groups. You can still assign an existing trainee to a group, just as you could when we introduced the abilty for trainers to view analytics by group. But with our new features, you don’t have to manage this process manually. In this article we look at three ways to automatically assign trainees to analytics groups.


1. Promo code

You can create a promo code that will automatically assign any trainee who uses it to an analytics group. For example, if you promote your course by offering a promo code for discounted or free access, you can create a group to track analytics for all trainees who register with that code.

2. Domain access code

Similar to promo codes, you can create a domain access code that will automatically assign any trainee who uses it to an analytics group. This is applicable for companies using a private domain which requires an access code upon registration.

3. Custom registration picklist field

We recently added a new feature to enable companies to customize the course registration form to gather unique details about trainees. If you provide a custom picklist field, you’re now able to assign trainees to groups based on what option they select. For example, if you require trainees to select a job title upon registration, you can assign them to an analytics group that matches that job title. This will enable you to view analytics by trainee job title, without having to manually assign trainees to groups.

As always, let us know of any questions or feedback!