*This post was updated on 9/5/17.

Video is rapidly becoming the key format to demonstrate, engage and train online learners. Don’t believe us? In a recent study, we found courses that have video have a 51% completion rate, while those that don’t have video were completed 36% of the time. And of course, as technology continues to develop, this type of content has never been easier to produce and access.

If you’re considering incorporating video into your training program, we’ve got you covered. The 5 articles outlined below provide insight into how to create and deliver the best video content.

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  • The 6 Dos and Don’ts of Video Training Content – “Think back to every Schoolhouse Rock knockoff or dreadful educational video that was ever played for you in high school. You want to make sure your content is memorable for how engaging it is, not because it’s unintentionally funny.
  • 5 Simple Tips for Creating Efficient Video Workflows – “When you try to wrap your mind around the entire video production process from start to finish, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where a little careful planning and thoughtful organization can really save the day. Put some systems in place that work best for you before and after you actually shoot your footage, and you’ll thank yourself later!”
  • How To Effectively Use Videos In eLearning – “If videos are not interactive, they can bore the learners and they can lose interest in the course material. It is, therefore, important to include interactivity inside the videos which make the learners focus, think, analyze, act, and interact with the video.”
  • 4 Tips to Get Started Creating Video – “Video creation commonly is perceived as being too hard and costly to incorporate into your daily workflows. In fact, I often meet trainers who want to create videos but don’t know where to begin…Breaking down that first barrier makes the rest of the hurdles seem a lot easier.


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