Make every customer a product expert

Any Learning Management System can host courses—only Skilljar transforms them into polished and personalized experiences that drive onboarding and adoption. With our suite of integrations and monetization tools, your Academy’s business impact is crystal clear.

→ 80% course completion 🙌
→ Add training data to Salesforce contact and account
→ Auto enroll learner in certification exam

Built for your customers

Draw customers in with easy, engaging learning. Skilljar turns education into a breeze, speeding up onboarding, and keeping customers coming back.

Take control of the learner journey

From quick tips to live sessions, Skilljar makes training dynamic with personalized paths and certifications, inspiring discovery.

Turn training into profit

Monetize effortlessly with flexible pricing options for courses, paths, subscriptions, or credits, using our payments and Salesforce integrations.

Discover the ROI of a trained customer

Transition from tactics to tangible results, leveraging analytics and Salesforce to link training with NPS, adoption, and customer retention.

How Skilljar works

After a decade in customer education, we’ve learned that one-to-one training doesn't scale and how-to videos alone don’t work. Here’s what our customers do instead.

Your new Academy is ready. Are you?