Sales Training

Skilljar is a powerful, scalable, and effective training solution for sales. Your sales team needs ongoing training on your product, positioning, and technology tools. In addition, sales teams often are located in different time zones and have high growth needs, requiring a scalable and repeatable training solution.

Skilljar is particularly effective for sales training because on-demand courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime, without requiring an instructor. You can even provide training to sales contractors that are outside of your employee system, and verify engagement and understanding via our reporting tools. Many trainers use a combination of on-demand courses and instructor-led Q&A to achieve maximum impact.

Skilljar for Sales Training

  • Always Available  Self-paced training is available around the world, 24/7, to support the high growth needs of sales teams. Trainees can also refer back to the content on an ongoing basis.
  • Extended Enterprise  Train your outsourced or contract sales staff without the hassle of corporate firewall or internal login issues.
  • Detailed Analytics  Verify trainee engagement and completion using our powerful reporting tools.
  • Fully Mobile-Responsive  Ready to be accessed on all devices – computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • No Developers Required  Easy to use and maintain with our powerful and intuitive tools. Zero involvement needed from course developers or IT departments.
sales training

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