LMS Training

Accelerate customer onboarding with Skilljar’s LMS training platform.

Skilljar’s LMS training platform enables companies to improve product adoption and deepen customer engagement. Unlike HR or academic learning systems, the LMS training platform is optimized for a corporation’s extended enterprise – customers, channel partners, community members, suppliers, and more.

Skilljar is differentiated by:

  • Unique features for the extended enterprise, including built-in e-commerce, certification management, multiple portals, and integrations with CRM systems (including Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce).
  • Fast deployment. If your content is ready, your training site will be up in days (not months!)
  • More data than you’ll ever see from an LMS training platform, including SCORM interactions, per-user progress tracking by course, real-time and exportable reports, and much more.
  • Scalable, modern technology. We are built on a multi-tenant Amazon Web Services stack, so you’ll always have the latest features, daily backups, six sigma uptime, and more. We also support modern Single Sign On protocols (JWT, OAuth2, SAML, Okta, OneLogin) and a flexible REST API framework.
  • A dedicated customer success team that cares as much about your business as our own.

Skilljar’s LMS training platform brings customer and partner education into the modern era. We’d be happy to show you more.

LMS training

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