Learning Tools

Skilljar’s online training platform provides essential learning tools.

Skilljar provides a complete set of learning tools to create, deliver, and track an online training program. Whether you’re onboarding new customers, certifying channel partners, or developing your employees, Skilljar is the only software you need to rapidly launch a successful and effective learning program.

Skilljar’s learning tools include:

  • Course Authoring  Use our built-in multimedia course builder to create, upload, and assemble online courses. If you prefer to use desktop eLearning authoring tools, we also support SCORM and HTML5 web packages.
  • Assessments  Quizzes and assessment are an important learning tool to verify understanding and evaluate ROI. Skilljar comes with a built-in quiz maker so that you can easily create and deliver assessments.
  • Video hosting and streaming  Videos are a popular new format for online learning. Skilljar provides native video hosting and streaming using a modern, mobile-responsive business player and backed by a global CDN for fast playback around the world.
  • Social discussions  Each module has an optional discussion board where participants can have threaded comments and upload images. Students also have access to instructors via the ‘ask a question’ feature.
  • Student registration and payments  Our platform comes with registration tools, custom signup fields, and a full suite of e-commerce features to provide course access in flexible business scenarios.
  • Incentives  To encourage student completion, provide incentives using our certification engine (integrated with LinkedIn), points, or credit hours system.
  • Delivery tracking  Our detailed, user-level progress reports provide instructors with the data to understand completion, at-risk students, and topics with repeated viewing frequency. Reporting and analytics are a critical component to any suite of learning tools.

Skilljar’s complete suite of learning tools makes it easy to develop, deliver, and manage effective online training. The platform is ready for a modern audience with native video hosting, mobile-responsive design, interactive course authoring, incentives, and detailed data.

learning tools

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