Online Course Development

Skilljar is easily used for online course development. In Skilljar terminology, a ‘course’ consists of one or more pieces of learning content (in some other learning management systems, this ‘course’ is called a ‘learning path’). A piece of learning content, which Skilljar calls a ‘lesson’, can be one of many formats:

  • Video (upload MP4 or embed from external video hosts)
  • Audio
  • PDF
  • Text (HTML)
  • Embedded content via iFrame (Google Docs, Slideshare, SurveyMonkey, etc.)
  • Quiz
  • Live training
  • SCORM 1.2
  • HTML5 web package

Skilljar’s online course development tools are especially flexible for any scenario because they support uploaded, embedded, AND natively authored content. If your instructional designer prefers to use SCORM, it’s easy to create Skilljar courses with one or more SCORM modules in sequence. If you prefer a mix of videos, interspersed with PDFs and quizzes authored using Skilljar’s built-in tools, that works well too.

Each piece of learning content has optional summary text that accompanies the lesson, downloadable attachments, and a comments forum. Thus, Skilljar can be used to deliver prepackaged online courses, or to create your own by assembling materials from content that you already have.

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