Learning Management System

Skilljar’s learning management system is the best solution for customer training.

Skilljar’s online learning management system (LMS) enables you to successfully onboard, engage, and retain your customers. The word LMS refers to a type of software for creating, delivering, managing, and tracking online courses. With hundreds of learning management systems to choose from, it’s no wonder that the term has become generic and can refer to a wide range of products. Here are some questions to ask when considering an LMS:

  • What type of courses are you looking to deliver? Will it be self-paced online learning, classroom training, webinars, or all of the above?
  • For eLearning, what are the content formats that need to be supported? Do you want to use SCORM, or normal web formats?
  • What are the quizzing and assessment tools you need?
  • Is the LMS mobile friendly?
  • How brandable (white label) is the LMS?
  • Can certificates be auto-generated?
  • Do you need extended enterprise features for customer and partner training, such as self-registration, e-commerce, and multiple portals?
  • What data and reports are available? Ask to see samples and make sure you’re comfortable with the results.
  • What system integrations or connectors are needed?
  • Do you want an installed or cloud solution? If cloud, should it be on a separate instance or a scalable (multi-tenant) model?

If you’re still confused by the term LMS, remember the basic principle of any vendor selection process is to clearly identify your requirements and find the solution which will enable you to best achieve your business goals. No matter what it is called. For more reading, check out these blog posts:

Skilljar is a modern, scalable learning management system optimized for customer and partner training. It supports multimedia content formats, built-in quizzing, self-paced and live training, and is fully mobile responsive, and brandable with extended enterprise features and more detailed reporting and integrations than any LMS on the market today.

Learning Management System

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