Data Connector

Easily integrate all of your education data into your business intelligence tool of choice for direct access and custom queries. Skilljar’s Data Connector is a customer-specific PostgreSQL database hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Skilljar’s dashboard is designed to help you make informed, data-driven decisions throughout your organization. But if you need access to even more granular analytics, there’s Skilljar’s Data Connector, which is available as part of a custom enterprise package. Contact for more information.

Use Skilljar With Your Business Intelligence Tools

Leverage your existing business intelligence tools to analyze Skilljar’s customer learning, training, and certification data. Supported tools include Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Crystal Reports, and more.

Run Custom Advanced Queries

Dive into the metrics that matter for your business and get the full picture – without switching between the Skilljar dashboard and your internal system of record. With Skilljar’s Data Connector, you can view custom advanced analytics, such as adoption rate, percent complete by user, course & lesson usage by organization, and more.

Integrate Data Into Your Own Warehouse

Access the curated student analytics from your Skilljar dashboard alongside any additional data points your team measures in a customer-specific SQL database.

Share Training Data Throughout Your Organization

Create visualizations that combine your training data with business intelligence from other areas of the company. Analyze this information to determine the impact of training across your organization and the ROI for your program.

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