At Skilljar, we understand that your business relies on Salesforce as the source of record for all customer data. Our Salesforce integration puts the LMS data you need right into your CRM, in real time, to increase your team’s efficiency and create a flawless customer training experience. When your team runs on Salesforce, you can accelerate results by seamlessly integrating your LMS and CRM, with the ultimate goal of improving your product adoption and long-term revenue.

In this blog post, we discuss the specific benefits of integrating your LMS with Salesforce.

Benefits of Integrating Your LMS with Salesforce

Integrating your LMS with Salesforce has many benefits for executive stakeholders, marketing, sales, customer success, and training teams.

  • For Executives: Make data-driven decisions by demonstrating the impact of training and certification on customer adoption, health, retention, and renewals. Create custom reports and dashboards to visualize training data alongside other business metrics like account revenue, industry, and customer segment.
  • For Marketing: Send new contacts and leads that originated from training directly into Salesforce, along with signup field data like job title and company name. Create customized nurture workflows using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot.
  • For Sales: Automatically add training activity to SFDC records to monitor prospect engagement and trigger sales outreach. Unify logins with Sales Cloud credentials to embed learning within Salesforce and serve just-in-time training to your internal team.
  • For Customer Success: Accelerate product adoption and deepen customer engagement with training and certification data seamlessly appended to contact records. Develop automated workflows that encourage training usage and integrate this data into SFDC health scores and daily customer success tools.
  • For Training: Deliver timely training with automatic student and course enrollment based on Salesforce status changes. Optimize customer training experiences by leveraging Community Cloud and Service Cloud login credentials. Automate data transfer in real-time back into Salesforce for up-to-date training and certification insights.

Skilljar LMS Salesforce Integration

The Skilljar LMS has a comprehensive integration with Salesforce that is available for download on the AppExchange (note: an authorized Skilljar plan is required for full capabilities).

Unique aspects of Skilljar’s LMS integration with Salesforce include:

  • Designed for the business needs of customer and partner training organizations
  • Easy to install and deploy; reviewed and approved by Salesforce AppExchange
  • Real-time data transfer for fast insights
  • Custom objects for maximum flexibility, plus optional automation with SFDC records
  • Historical backfills available
  • Data includes training progress, certification information, payment details, scores, and more.


Integrating your LMS with Salesforce is critical to making data-driven decisions, enabling go-to-market teams, and optimizing training processes. By seamlessly integrating data between your LMS and CRM, your teams will be able to uncover actionable insights about customer behavior and drive customer adoption, retention, and revenue.