Earlier this month we released our new eBook “How to Build a Customer Training Team.” We covered common roles found on training teams and why each one is important.

In this post, we’ll specifically discuss the Instructional Designer role and why your team may need one.

Instructional design is a broad industry term that encompasses a wide range of learning design and development activities. This individual is generally responsible for ongoing analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of eLearning training and education materials, though ILT is sometimes within scope as well. In addition to curriculum design responsibilities, the role is often filled with slightly adjacent content production job titles including Content Specialist, Technical Writer, eLearning Developer, or Course Producer, since many people in this role are expected to have working knowledge of one or more content authoring tools.

Job responsibilities for an Instructional Designer include:

  • Create innovative on-demand eLearning modules that incorporate mixed media, such as graphics, animation, text, audio, and video.
  • Work with SMEs (subject matter experts) to storyboard and write content that is focused on the correct learning and performance objectives.
  • Design instructional content and delivery methods that connect with different levels and types of learners.
  • Contribute to scripts for courses, videos, and knowledge checks (quizzes) that validate achievement of the learning objectives.
  • Manage programs and projects related to an LMS and course/program development.
  • Load eLearning courses and manage other processes related to end-user learning content and assessments.
  • Report effectiveness of training efforts (ROI) as they relate to business results.

dan_winter_tune.jpg“My role is responsible for empowering end-users with the knowledge and skills to be successful by collecting information from subject matter experts, framing it in a way others can easily understand it, and delivering it to the masses.”

– Dan Winter, Sr. Instructional Designer, TUNE


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