We are so excited to tell you about our newest feature! In a previous article, we discussed how important the perceived value of a certificate is. For many trainees, the value is derived from being able to display their earned certificates to potential employers as well as industry peers as a way to build their professional reputation. With our newest feature, you can make it easy for trainees to showcase the certificate they earned from completing your course on their LinkedIn profile. In this article, we’ll show you how it works as well as how your trainees, and your company, can benefit.

You can now provide trainees with a LinkedIn Add to Profile button for an easy way to share their certificate.


Trainees garner more visibility when they display their certificates on their profile. LinkedIn notes that the members that display certifications get six times more profile views! How can your company benefit? This also means an increase in visiblity for your company on LinkedIn, as your brand is included in the LinkedIn certificate experience.

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