This past August, we published our eBook “Best Practices for Launching an LMS.” This post will focus on the first step of launching your LMS: Defining and Scoping.

The process of defining and scoping involves a preliminary form of planning in which you engage in a thorough analysis of your company’s needs in order to form a general idea of your expectations from an LMS. This big-picture view will help you to identify the overall goal for your new system’s launch.

This step will also serve as a springboard for the rest of your planning, since you will always refer back to this overall goal. However, as the needs of your company change, the overall goal may change as well, so be prepared to adjust it as needed.

Important Questions to Consider

What are you looking to solve?

Ex: Improve customer’s understanding of the product and therefore increase their perceived value of the product.

How will an LMS help?

Ex: By training customers on product features and how to use them, they’ll be able to see value faster.

Who is the audience?

Ex: Project management software users

What is the end goal?


  • Increase product usage by existing customers by X%
  • Reduce customer service contacts by X%
  • Increase renewal rates by X%
  • Reduce YoY churn by X%
Using the these questions, define the overall goal for your launch; refer to this when plans change to keep everyone aligned (or redefine the goal).
In future posts, we’ll discuss the next two steps in launching an LMS, which are Planning and The Launch. Stay tuned!
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