You understand the value of customer training, and are ready to invest in a learning management system (LMS). Now, how do do you find the right fit?  

After conducting some initial research, you may want to submit a request for proposal (RFP). In this blog post, we’ll outline what an RFP is, why they’re beneficial, and how this template can help you choose an LMS that meets your team’s specific training needs.

What is an RFP?

An RFP is a request for proposal. It’s a document, which includes a brief project description, along with detailed requirements a vendor must meet. Often, companies will invite a shortlist of potential vendors to respond, so they can compare the pros and cons of each.

Why are they beneficial?

A well-designed RFP provides your team with a framework for evaluating several potential solutions. Think about it this way: if you’re spending a significant amount of money on a new tool, you want to make sure it’s worth the investment and fits your requirements.

How this template can help

Most LMS RFP templates are not specific to customer training. As such, selection committees may get overwhelmed by complex features and functionalities, which are not relevant for their organization.

Don’t waste any more time during the buying process. Download this template for a select list of “must-have” criteria, such as:

  • Robust analytics & reporting
  • Technical integrations
  • Training & support

…and more. Click here to download!