There’s no doubt that our businesses are still feeling the effects of COVID-19. And with 2021 just around the corner, we anticipate this largely virtual world will continue for the foreseeable future. To help you and your team keep up and adapt to changing business priorities, we asked several Skilljar customers for their insights into:

  • How they’re leveraging Customer Education to support changing business priorities
  • What trends and new behaviors they’re seeing among their customers in light of COVID-19 
  •  Tips and advice for continued success in a virtual world

To learn more, check out any (or all!) of the Q&As:

Melanie Gallo Zenefits: Melanie Gallo, Senior Director, Education Services
Jo Cameron Moz: Jo Cameron, Learning and Development Manager
Meredith Hall The Trade Desk: Meredith Hall, GM, Learning & Development
Craig Jansen Contentsquare: Craig Jansen, Head of Product Education
Mark Sanders Lotame: Mark Sanders, Director of Customer Development
Giovanna Cruz MakeMusic: Giovanna Cruz, Manager, Customer Success