Since Skilljar focuses on training external audiences (customers and partners), many of our clients are already using marketing automation software to scale email communication. Rather than replicate this functionality in Skilljar, we prefer to integrate with existing systems so that clients can leverage best-of-breed tools.

One of the most popular marketing automation systems is Marketo. This post describes how Skilljar clients are integrating our LMS with Marketo today.

Why integrate Skilljar with Marketo?

There are many benefits from sending data from Skilljar to Marketo, particularly for companies who are using training for industry enablement and lead generation. Key benefits:

  • Automatically capturing student lead data, such as first name, last name, email address, job title, and more.
  • Automating Marketo email workflows based on training activity (registrations, completions, etc.) and a 360 degree view of your lead (training plus other data).
  • Syncing data to Salesforce via the Marketo-Salesforce connector.

What can Skilljar send to Marketo?

We send very granular data, including:

  • Basic lead data
  • Custom lead data (Skilljar signup fields mapped to Marketo fields)
  • Every page view
  • Course registration and completion events

Many of our clients also use Marketo as the means to bring selected data into Salesforce.

How much developer work is required?

None! We integrate off-the-shelf using our Javascript events and Marketo’s Munchkin API. For further details, see our support article.

What about other marketing automation systems?

We integrate with many marketing automation systems including Hubspot. Please contact us if you have questions about your specific system.