The Challenge

Zenefits needed a formal customer onboarding and education platform, as well as a consistent onboarding experience.

The Solution

Skilljar helped Zenefits build a comprehensive training platform for customers, partners and internal certifications.

The Results

5% reduction in support tickets with the Zenefits Training Initiative in place

We needed customer training to be the number one priority and wanted a portal that we could customize for the whole customer journey.

— Melanie Gallo, Head of Education Services, Zenefits


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Top Metrics

Reduced support tickets by 5%

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HR Platform Reduced Support Tickets by 5% with Customer and Partner Education Initiative


In 2018, Zenefits came to Skilljar for a formal customer onboarding and education platform, as well as a consistent onboarding experience to ensure both its existing customers and the hundreds of new SaaS customers signing on each month were successfully adopting and leveraging the platform. Zenefits also needed a customer training platform that could continue to scale with its business growth trajectory.


  • Streamline and scale customer onboarding
  • Increase product adoption through the expansion of user knowledge, retention and satisfaction
  • Decrease support costs and customer churn
  • Streamline onboarding and certification for support agents
  • Create a unified learning experience across the Zenefits brand


Based on customer data, Zenefits was looking to continue to improve its customer experience including training its customers on the “how-to” questions going to its support organization.

Zenefits needed a formal customer education program that spanned the Implementation, Customer Success and Support Teams. The company partnered with Skilljar to create a unified onboarding and education experience, in tandem with an integrated phone support system that could direct customers to relevant, tailored content and training modules.

The resulting Zenefits Training Initiative not only encompassed customer and implementation training, it also included customer product training, partner training, certification, and integration with the Zenefits CRM.


In just four weeks, Zenefits implemented its training platform and launched with 50 courses.

  • 13% of new users began taking training (with an average of five courses per user)
  • 55% course completion rate
  • 5% reduction in support tickets

In recognition of the Zenefits Training Initiative, the company received Skilljar’s Innovation in Customer Education Award at Skilljar’s inaugural customer and partner conference, Skilljar Connect.

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