The Challenge

Paycor was delivering training live, onsite at Paycor headquarters or traveling to meet directly with customers. From both a spend and capacity standpoint, this model of learning was not scalable or sustainable. With their high-growth goals, and the desire to create a more expansive model, they needed a learning platform to host their training content.

The Solution

Paycor moved to a virtual-first training model with the launch of Paycor Training Hub, powered by Skilljar, in early 2020. The platform has since grown to include eLearnings, recorded webinars, and video tutorials, in addition to live and on-demand VILT training. Skilljar integrations help internal teams better serve customers, and create a strong community, both of which serve to drive business growth.

The Results

Since implementing Skilljar, Paycor has eliminated manual processes to create a more scalable model of training. They have scaled their active students and courses completed exponentially, leading to higher retention rates and increased product satisfaction. They use certifications to drive customer retention as certified customers retain at a higher rate than non-certified.

Since implementing Skilljar, we’ve been able to realize a more scalable model of training. Skilljar helped us reach exponentially more customers, ultimately impacting overall revenue retention.

— Ashley Kaster, Associate Manager, Learning & Development, Paycor


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Top Metrics

  • Exponential growth in active students, courses completed, and certificates granted 
  • Certified customers have a higher rate of retention than non-certified 


  • Influitive
  • Okta/SSO
  • Salesforce
  • Zoom

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Customer Education Platform

Paycor Training Hub
Powered by Skilljar


Prior to adopting a customer-facing learning platform, Paycor was primarily delivering training live, onsite with an instructor at Paycor headquarters. They also traveled to customers but this involved extra spend in travel dollars. Since the majority of Paycor’s training was delivered onsite, many customers were not able to attend, leaving their Implementation teams to fill the void, spending hours on the phone with customers.

In addition to capacity challenges, registration and attendance tracking was disparate and manual. Their customer-facing associates had no visibility into their customer’s training activity and there was no single place to send customers to register for training. From both a spend and capacity standpoint, this model of learning was not scalable or sustainable, not only for the growing company but in a rapidly changing world.

Their goals for improving their customer education practices were to:

  • Instill confidence in customers as they onboarded with Paycor
  • Help customers stay on track with their timelines and maximize time to value for product adoption
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve training offerings by creating new, engaging, virtual and self-paced content to reach more learners
  • Increase the number of learners and course completions

With their high-growth goals, and the desire to create a more sustainable and scalable training model, they needed a learning platform to host their content.

Paycor has always had a strong focus on customer retention. We wanted to make sure that whatever LMS solution we put in place was going to drive better retention of our customers.— Jessica Manning, Director, Learning & Development, Paycor

Reasons for Choosing Skilljar

According to Jessica Manning, Director of Learning & Development, the reasons for Paycor choosing Skilljar included:

  • Having a one-stop shop where customers could self-serve content, see everything we had to offer, and be able to register, all in one place
  • Creating a way for customers to navigate seamlessly through training content without jumping through hoops or having to ask a lot of questions
  • Being able to integrate with our tech stack, including Salesforce and Influitive
  • Reporting and analytics specifically focused on user engagement
  • A pricing model that ensured we weren’t paying for users that weren’t actually using or engaging with content (This is really useful, especially when you’re starting a program.
  • A singular focus on customer training

Skilljar is designed with customers in mind. Having access to best practices and a community of customer education folks – being inspired, innovating together, and learning from one another has been really important to us.— Jessica Manning

One of the things that sets Skilljar apart is its customer focus. A lot of other LMSs  like Cornerstone and SAP Litimos are mostly focused on internal engagement and skills.  A lot of the automation that Skilljar has in place allows us to focus exclusively on the customer experience. — Ashley Kaster


Paycor Training Hub

I’ve worked with my share of learning platforms in the past including SAP Litmos, Cornerstone, and others. These platforms are fine for organizing digital learning assets, but what sets Skilljar apart is the focus on Customer Education. — Ashley Kaster

Paycor needed a customer-focused LMS which would allow their training team to transform traditional classroom training to a virtual model. As was the case for many companies,  the pandemic wiped out their ability to travel and serve customers directly.

They moved to a virtual-first training model with the launch of Paycor Training Hub in early 2020. They have since expanded the platform to also include eLearnings, recorded webinars, and video tutorials, in addition to live and on-demand VILT training — all hosted through Skilljar. Paycor’s Training Hub houses over 100 self-paced courses centered around 12 different product offerings.

Prior to Skilljar, Paycor used Excel worksheets to keep and maintain all of their training records manually. Importing historical training records into Skilljar was a very simple process. This was important to Paycor, not only for benchmarking their effectiveness as a training team, but to provide front-end teams with the records they needed to drive training adoption with customers.

Empowering internal teams

With Skilljar, Paycor was able to integrate their Training Hub with their CRM tool (Salesforce) and Paycor’s own business intelligence reporting to drive awareness and training completion rates among their customer-facing teams. Being able to view their training analytics (course enrollment, engagement, etc.) has allowed Paycor to enhance their program by creating efficiencies based on trends they’ve noticed.

The Skilljar/Salesforce integration allows their Implementation, Sales, Service, and Support teams to not only have visibility into client needs, but also know where they are self-serving training content. They can readily see a report on the customer’s entire education journey, which will impact how they interact with each customer.

Skilljar’s native reporting is a huge differentiator for us. It helps us tell a story in a comprehensive way without having to do a lot of heavy lifting. It’s been a great tool for our internal advocates as they support our customers.— Ashley Kaster

Paycor continues to search for ways to innovate their program and improve automation even further through integrations and new ways of approaching software training. They monitor their dashboards within Skilljar and use integrations to feed into their broader company-level reporting to share insights on business impact.


If we can empower our clients to use Paycor better, they stick around.— Ashley Kaster

Since implementing Skilljar, Paycor has been able to eliminate manual processes to create a more scalable model of training. Paycor was able to significantly scale their training opportunities to realize exponential growth in active students, course enrollments, and certificates granted since the launch of their learning platform in April of 2020.

Paycor Training Growth Three Year Comparison

Skilljar has helped us reach even more customers than we had in the past.— Jessica Manning

The education team at Paycor believes that when clients connect with content it helps them realize the value of their solutions, which helps to increase retention. The use of learning paths, blended learning, and certification experiences – all made possible by Skilljar – help them reach different types of learners.

Our customers love that our training offers something for everyone – no matter their learning preferences or goals. Skilljar makes it easy for us to serve up this range of content.— Ashley Kaster

With Skilljar, customers can now self-serve, register for classes, and see a course schedule months in advance. Or, they can enroll in eLearning at their discretion, which helps to increase learner volume,  give learners options, and keep training fluid.

We provide customer education because we see the value of a trained client – a  trained client is a retained client. It’s worth the investment to provide training resources upfront so they learn the platform, which empowers them to be better users of Paycor.— Jessica Manning

Trained customers are your best customers 

Like many Skilljar customers, the education team at Paycor knows that trained customers are their best customers. They implemented Skilljar to help drive training adoption and visibility throughout the customer journey.

Skilljar’s reporting and integration capabilities have made it easy for Paycor to keep a pulse on their team’s KPIs and impact.

Our own data has shown that trained customers have a higher retention rate because they know how to make the most of our products.— Ashley Kaster

Customers who are trained and certified show higher numbers for their overall satisfaction with Paycor from a product use standpoint. They’re empowered to use it and they know how to use it to make their business processes easier.— Jessica Manning

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