Course Management System

Create, publish and and manage your online courses with Skilljar’s course management system.

Skilljar offers an easy-to-use platform to create your training courses, manage your users, review and analyze metrics, and schedule live events. 

  • Course Management  You can upload video lessons, create quizzes, write text lessons, upload PDFs, embed surveys, and schedule live trainings to provide a full blended learning course for your users. You can create courses for different audiences and use tags so your users can filter for the courses they want.
  • Live Training  Use our Live Training lesson feature to create and schedule events for your users to attend a live event at a specific time and date. You can create multiple events for the same lesson content, giving your users the ability to get trained on their own schedule.
  • Groups  If you have different types of audiences, you can organize your users into groups and have only certain courses shown to certain groups. You can also filter your Analytics by groups.
  • Access  We have multiple levels of access for users to reach your content – you can leave this Public so anyone can see your catalog, choose Login Required so you can see who is reviewing your courses before they register, or choose Access Code Required to keep your courses private to only those who you’ve given an access code.
  • Theming  Use a theme to create a seamless experience for users navigating from your website to our training platform. Upload your logo, choose your brand’s colors, and add CSS and javascript to fully customize your course catalog page.
  • Analytics  Review registrations for your course, see overall course progress, individual user lesson completion, and view metrics per group.
  • Certificates  Grant certificates for users who have completed a course, tie it to quiz scores, and have them add it to their LinkedIn profile to show and share their success.

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