Highlights from 2019

Skilljar Connect 2019 Sessions

Keynote: Acquiring and Retaining Learners to Drive Product Adoption

Maria Manning-Chapman, Vice President, Education Services Research at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), discusses TSIA’s Customer Engagement Model (LAER) and explores why the methodology is a strategic imperative for both those in Education Services and XaaS organizations.

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Keynote: The Golden Rule for Your Customer Education Portfolio

Customer Education-industry expert, Adam Avramescu shares his background and experience in the customer training field and delves into the strategy and tactics around building a Customer Education portfolio.

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Keynote: Engaging and Empowering Customers with Video

Video is one of the most impactful mediums for customer training and as video creation becomes more and more accessible, it’s importance continues to grow. Matt Pierce, Learning and Video Ambassador at TechSmith, details how and why video should be a key component of any customer training program.

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Panel: Value-based Customer Onboarding: How education can drive long term success

Moderated by Skilljar’s Product Marketing Manager, Linda Schwaber-Cohen, and featuring Melanie Gallo from Zenefits, Isabel Swartz from ClearCompany, Randon Ruggles from Jamf, and Arnold Murray from Cisco Systems, the panelists discuss various facets of their onboarding programs, including best practices and the evolution of their companies’ programs.

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Skilljar Connect 2018 Sessions

Keynote: Defining your Customer Education Model

Suzanne Ferry, SVP of Global Training and Development at MapR, explores different business models for Customer Education, the factors to consider when selecting the right model for your company, and how to measure and socialize your program’s progress.

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Panel: Content that Sticks

Hosted by Maria Manning-Chapman, VP Research, Education Services at TSIA, and featuring Adam Avramescu, formerly of Checkr, Julie Ormond of Avalara, Colleen Lai of Procore, and Kristine Olsen of Digital Guardian, this panel discusses the most effective types of Customer Education content, content development methodologies, and content evaluation techniques.

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Fireside Chat: The Rise of Customer Education

Hosted by Skilljar CEO, Sandi Lin, with Doug Pepper, Managing Director at Shasta Ventures, and Rajeev Batra, Partner at Mayfield, this session examines the increased focus on Customer Education as a business imperative and the changing circumstances that have prompted this shift.

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Panel: Data-Driven Customer Education

Hosted by Skilljar’s Linda Schwaber-Cohen, and featuring Peter Goldstein of Quick Base, Mojtaba Navid of Autodesk, and Karen Farmer of Outreach, this panel explores how each panelis uses data to make more strategic decisions about their Customer Education programs and how they report on the progress of their programs internally.

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