IMG_5502 2-1From listing (and correctly spelling) all 13 Skilljar conference rooms, to sniffin’ out mystery ingredients, and flexin’ our current events’ knowledge, our quarterly Skilljar trivia night was a success!

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Check out some of the questions below from last night’s event!

Q1: Armillaria ostoyae, commonly known as the Humongous Fungus, is considered the world’s largest living organism. Covering an area of 2,385 acres and clocking in at over 2,400 years of age, this organism is actually found in the United States. What state is this organism found in?

Q2: As discussed during our Lunch & Love, an ally is a term used to describe someone who is supportive of LGBT people, but the term isn’t necessarily exclusive, and can be associated in support of any underrepresented voices and perspectives. Name 3 other communities discussed.

Q3: Name this book by the cover art:


Q4: Name this landmark:


Q5: This week, it was announced that a prequel would be made for one of the what best-selling young adult book series of the last 25 years. What is the name of the book series?

Scroll down for the answers!


A1: Oregon

A2: Racial and ethnic minorities, women, immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, veterans, youth, elderly

A3: The Great Gatsby

A4: Uluru (or Ayers Rock), Australia

A5: The Hunger Games

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