Crawl, Walk, Run with Microlearning Lessons: Part II

Crawl, Walk, Run with Microlearning Lessons: Part II

November 14, 2019
Content Development
Training Strategy

In my previous post, we looked at incorporating microlearning lessons into the overall customer education program, sourcing topics from internal stakeholders, and producing quality content without breaking the bank.

Now that we have foundational content (and ideally, the beginnings of a centralized location to house these lessons – like a learning library), let’s move into the Walk phase of our strategy.

Walk: Expanding your content volume and depth

At this stage, the goal is to expand the depth and volume of learning content and really build out your archive of videos to become a growing source of quick solutions. By this time, the average learner should be aware of your microlearning library and should begin viewing it as an important on-demand resource that can help them address the most common software challenges they may face. You can now begin (or continue) to leverage microlearning video lessons within longer-format courses that extend learning beyond onboarding. For example, embed microlearning videos into specialized learning paths that augment the intermediate learner’s experience.

In addition to increasing the depth of your content, the Walk phase is also a time to increase your volume of microlearning video content. Learners should see an investment from you in regularly providing easily consumable, on-demand resources. Continue to measure the percentage of support tickets that relate to your content and plan to expand over time.                                                                                                                  

It is important to create (or further develop) a process to audit and update your existing content. Your product will change and, eventually, large swaths of your microlearning lessons will need to be updated – for example, due to a visual overhaul of your administrative dashboard. Since each piece of content is relatively small, you can update many lessons relatively quickly – another big win for microlearning lessons.

Run: Updating and expanding your library

Your program, process, and content are active (and working) – congratulations! Now is your chance to further expand your microlearning library and branch deeper into content focused on best practices and conceptual topics. In the Run phase, you want to begin addressing more sophisticated and complex needs around end-user performance, certifications, specialized learning paths, role-based training, or some combination of these. Look for knowledge gaps within the more challenging or unique areas of your support tickets.

The Run phase is also an opportunity to diversify your voice acting – consider creating different “trainer voices” for different skill levels or learning paths. Consider adding simple musical elements or other stylistic elements that make your microlearning videos pop. Explore branding your videos to match the look-and-feel of your product, website, and company brand. Incorporating animation can also be helpful for more conceptual or complex microlearning lessons.

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