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This past October, we released a study on Customer Training Completion Rates, and last week we discussed the study’s findings on how session times impact completion rates. This post is about our findings regarding the impact of video content on training completion rates, and how including videos in your training can raise the course participation and completion.

The industry is buzzing about video lately, so we couldn’t help but wonder how video content relates to course completion. In Skilljar, video is hosted natively, but we also embed video content from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. We decided to investigate video across all of these platforms.

Is video really king? It certainly seems that way. Overall, courses that have video have a 51% completion rate, while those that don’t have video were completed 36% of the time. When we broke that down across the various video hosting services, this was pretty consistent.

Of course, as we uncover this trend, more questions come to mind. We could further explore how the length of these videos relates to completion and if there are drop off points as there were in our research on session time. However, it could benefit your own training completion rates to experiment with video content rather than SCORM.

Download the full study below to learn more about our findings!