How eLearning Pros Create Online Quizzes

How eLearning Pros Create Online Quizzes

March 25, 2015
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Here at Skilljar, we offer a built-in quizzing tool for trainers to develop quizzes directly in the LMS. But there are a lot of different tools available for creating online quizzes, and each of these tools have varied capabilities. So we asked a few pros what tools they love using. Here's what we learned.

Ease of use. This stands out as one of the most important factors. Read on to learn what tools these instructional designers and training managers use to create their online quizzes, and why.


 "I've used just about every authoring tool out there for eLearning and I still always come back to Articulate Storyline. I prefer to design my quizzes as interactions with challenges that mimic the task or situation being trained and Storyline allows me to quickly prototype and create these. I also love the ease of adding variables so that the interactions score like games rather than just multiple choice questions, drag and drops, etc... boring. Mimic real life for the learner and make them work for it."

Rob AndersonNintendo of America


"I've been using Articulate's Quizmaker for a while. I like that it is easy to use. You can build a variety of questions, with varying cognitive demands, without much trouble."  

Jared GarrettBluehost


"We are currently using Brainshark to create our self paced modules, and quizzing is a part of Brainshark. We like it because the quizzes are integrated within the platform already."

Kyle GuiaoAct-On Software


"Adobe Captivate, it's easy and flexible."

Beth Sargent | CSUF


"Quizzes are the Swiss Army Knife of online-course elements. They provide several tools in one neat package. A good quiz can help learners check their understanding, reinforce key concepts, provide motivation and feedback, and give the learner a quick break from the learning flow.

Articulate Quizmaker '13, part of Articulate Studio, is a powerful tool with every feature you might need. It's my favorite tool for building quizzes because it has two development modes -- Form View for when I need to focus on content and quiz logic and Slide View for fine-turning the visuals. The two views work like a left brain and right brain. They help me focus on both the logical and creative parts of a quiz."

Josh BarnhillTechnology Education Innovator


"Storyline - it is simple to create quizzes with all the template selections that they provide. They are easy to construct and define specs for your tracking."

Chris Marth | Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)

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