[eBook]: Choosing the Right Technology for External Training

[eBook]: Choosing the Right Technology for External Training

January 29, 2019
Learning Technologies

Is your Learning Management System (LMS) optimized for customer and partner training?Unlike internal training programs that fulfill Human Resources needs like compliance and performance management, external training programs focus on your customers’ and partners’ needs. With more than 700 LMS vendors competing for your company’s business, it’s important to understand which type of LMS best fits your use case (and trust us, not all LMSs are created equal).In our latest eBook, you will learn about the key components of an external training LMS and why they’re essential for a well-designed customer training program. More specifically, you’ll learn about:

  1. Relevant integrations,
  2. Content discovery,
  3. e-Commerce functionality,

...and more. Click to download the guide below!

Right Tech eBook Cover

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