With the bulk purchase feature, instructors can sell multiple course registrations to companies for corporate licensing.

corporate licensing2
Photo by Jirka Matousek / CC BY

Corporate licensing

Bulk purchasing enables you to support the corporate purchasing needs of organizations buying your content. Now, companies have a simple way to purchase multi-seat licenses for your courses and distribute the licenses.

How it works

corporate licensing1

  • Corporate purchasers can buy multi-seat licenses for their teams
  • The purchaser receives an access code for the number of seats purchased
  • Each trainee self-registers

There is no need for users to share credentials with this easy process enabling each individual to register. This also allows you to track activity and engagement at the user level.

Group rates

Instructors can offer special rates to organizations buying multiple licenses. Use your promo code tool to create a discount code for the number of licenses you wish to sell: Get 10% off of 10 licenses, for example.

Take advantage of this feature and incorporate special group rates and corporate licensing into your sales strategy.