Do you sell your training courses? If so, you may be interested in using Promo Codes to discount the price for your customers. Using Skilljar’s Bulk Promo Code tool, you can create many codes for a single training course, or a single code for many courses. Read on!

Promo Codes are a great way to offer your customers a limited lower price for your training courses. You can also track users by promo code, which is a great way to see the results of different marketing efforts. Using our bulk promo code tool, you can:

  • Make a single code for many courses: Choose which courses you want discounted, select the percent off, the amount of uses per code, and Start/End dates.
  • Make many codes for a single course: Choose a name for these codes (for example: Groupon campaign 2015), input the number of codes for us to create, select the course, input the new discounted price, the amount of uses per code, and the Start/End dates.


To get started, go to Promo Codes and choose “Bulk add promo codes” then select the type of bulk promo code list you want to create.

Read more about using Promo Codes to your advantage: